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To Be A Painter

On January 25, 2019, Milford Zornes would have been 108. Hard to believe he’s been gone eight years. One reason he seems so present is Hal Baker, who keeps coming up with remarkable treasures from the boxes of papers left to him by his famous father-in-law. How do I happen

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Catching Up

Dear Ones, For a change, I’m early. Actually, I’m very late. I didn’t tell you I published a new book in March. It is called “And This Is How I Lived,” and is 45 of my favorite stories from 10 books published by Earthen Vessel in the last 25 years.

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Hedy and I were out walking this afternoon in the drizzle that made the air smell fresh and wonderful. I could practically feel all of Lake County letting out a collectively held breath in a sigh of relief. And harvest has come. I’ve been preparing peaches and cooking apples and

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They Lived Large

Ingenuity, Innovation, and No Dead Ends: Microcurrent, UHF, Radio Paging, and the Pomona Drags the inventions and discoveries of Dr. Thomas W. Wing The book my dad wanted me to write is now in print, available even before his birthday, July 22. It was my heart’s desire to have it

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