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Christmas 2015

December 16, 2015 Dear Ones, It’s clear and cold here in Lake County. We have had lovely rain — steady and gentle with breaks in between. No one is complaining about the wet weather; we are all so grateful that fire season is over. There’s nothing like having to decide

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Farewell, Sonny

Dear Friends of Dan and Sonny, Today, Sonny slipped peacefully into sleep in the arms of his loving owner, Dan Worley. His favorite auntie, our neighbor Cathy Silva, was there, and so was I. He was almost 11, pretty old for an ex-racer, and he had been experiencing increasing discomfort,

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Valley Fire and Dogs

Dear dog-lovers, Hedy and I are okay, though we’ve been on Advisory Evacuation since Sunday morning at 6:30. There was a special teaching session for graduates on emergency preparedness from Guide Dogs for the Blind several years ago, and I took measures back then to makes sure I could take

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Valley Fire

Dear Friends, On Saturday afternoon, winds started ripping through Lake County. The little fire that began at about 1:40 quickly devoured 10,000 acres. We could hardly believe it. On Sunday morning, my phone rang at 6:30. The automated message informed me we were on Advisory evacuation. I began packing. I

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Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

It’s finally here! Yay! Listen to “Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled”   I wanted it to be inviting, accessible, with every song easy to sing and catchy enough to remember. I wanted my bacground vocals to be sung by young people, but not like a choir. What if they didn’t

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