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Demand to See

Master Painter Milford Zornes was a friend of my family for more than fifty years, but my own adult friendship with him didn’t happen until he and his wife Pat moved back to Claremont, CA. in 2001. We started working on a book together, so I was with him at

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“Speaking for Fire” DVD

Dear Friends, We’re already wading into 2013 up to our knees in the fast-flowing river of the new year. Here is an update on the latest new thing. Recently, Earthen Vessel released our first DVD, Speaking for Fire. A video of James BlueWolf’s award-winning children’s book by the same name.

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The Fabulous Freedom of Wearable Art

I sit before a blank sheet of d’Arches watercolor paper. It says, “You’d better be good.” Are you kidding? I haven’t painted in six years. There’s no way I’ll be any good. Brush strokes reveal immediately whether your hand and your brain are cooperating. It’s like playing piano. You can’t

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I’m Making Progress

I’m making progress—and rather quickly too. Here’s the update as of June 15, 2011, smack in the middle of the year. Project 1: Eternal River, Volume III I’m in the third edit. Always surprising how many things I missed. It’s getting to be fun now, because I get to sculpt

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