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Demand to See

Master Painter Milford Zornes was a friend of my family for more than fifty years, but my own adult friendship with him didn’t happen until he and his wife Pat moved back to Claremont, CA. in 2001. We started working on a book together, so I was with him at

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Fall into Winter Update

Quite a bit has changed in the past few months. An update is in order. 1. Hedy’s scratching I used medicated shampoo that the vet at Guide Dogs for the Blind gave me. That helped. Her furious scratching seems to be connected to temperature and moisture in the air as

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Update on my Eyes (Good News)

I promised to let you know if there was any improvement in my eyes, and if the recovery time was quicker than last time I “burned’ them. I’m happy to say that the sensitivity to glare has been reduced. I noticed on Saturday morning when I was working on revisions

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