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Update on the Itchy Hedy

I received a number of suggestions to the itchy Hedy problem. Two mentioned shampoo. I was using an organic, all-natural ingredients, etc. shampoo and never thought to have her tested. Sure enough, when Dr. Jolin did the surrogate muscle test, she was weak. I gave the remainder of the nearly-full

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Spring Happening with Hedy

It’s Poetry Month. To start the celebration, I’m posting the first poem I wrote after graduating from guide dog school with Hedy on December 13, 2008. I had not written any poetry in a year, having sunk into depression after the strain of ten years of caregiving my mother, my

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Updates on Hedy

Because some people have asked, I’m sending this update on Hedy. The Stinky Dog Problem When I received Hedy on Dog Day, November 22, 2008, she was one stinky dog. There’s a doggy smell that is typical of most canines, but Hedy was gag-worthy. The culprit turned out to be

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