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May 1st Blessings

Dear Ones, Spring blossoms have fallen. New leaves are out in full force, tender chartreuses maturing into sturdy, dark greens. My own life has left the leafless season of roots going deep in the time of renewal and rest. I’m struggling to continue with habits that nourish and heal me—focusing

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Spring for Hope

It was just a year ago that I announced Eternal River 3 was almost done. Ah, the best laid plans! That was before my son John and I made a trip to Southern California to get a few facts in the chronology of microcurrent straightened out. I ended up with

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Helps to Heal #1

This is the first of what I hope will be many musings on elements involved in what it takes to be hale and hearty, whole and healed. Helps to Heal #1 I was answering an email from my friend Kim, telling her what a blessing it was that she could

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Birthday Post – Health Update

Dear Friends, I have written this post at least five times—each version very different from the others—and never found the right tone as my own life did the roller-coaster thing that happens when you get a shocking diagnosis. Today, however, I’m launching on in. Sometimes you just have to do

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