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Spring for Hope

It was just a year ago that I announced Eternal River 3 was almost done. Ah, the best laid plans! That was before my son John and I made a trip to Southern California to get a few facts in the chronology of microcurrent straightened out. I ended up with

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Helps to Heal #1

This is the first of what I hope will be many musings on elements involved in what it takes to be hale and hearty, whole and healed. Helps to Heal #1 I was answering an email from my friend Kim, telling her what a blessing it was that she could

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Birthday Post – Health Update

Dear Friends, I have written this post at least five times—each version very different from the others—and never found the right tone as my own life did the roller-coaster thing that happens when you get a shocking diagnosis. Today, however, I’m launching on in. Sometimes you just have to do

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