Carolyn Wing Greenlee

Craving Sweets? Could be from mold!

Dear Ones,

I just found out I have a mold infestation, probably resulting from having lived seven months in a very mold-infected room at my parents’ house in 1993. I stayed in that room whenever I took care of them, which went on until my dad’s death in 2010. I have almost all the symptoms on the list below, which Dan found on the internet for possible symptoms of mold infestation. the good news is that Neem (an herb from India that is not expensive) and Thieves essential oil blend from Young Living (about $44 a 15 l bottle, but it lasts a long time and tends to work faster than Neen, are effective in dealing with mold problems in the body. You can muscle test for mold and you can test after you’re done with your round of ant-mold substances to make sure it’s gone. And you can ask how much and how long to take it. I know having mold in my body has not helped my eyes, which tend to be blurry and red. I would not have guessed that was from mold. It also weakens my immune system and makes me sensitive to yeast and other common ingredients in foods.

A friend who was tested for mold, mildew, fungus and other pathogens said each substance caused a different reaction. One made her anxious. One made her depressed. One caused agitation. A chiropractor said the craving for sweets can also be from a mold infestation because the mold eats sugar. So if you have a craving for sugar, it might not be a character weakness, but a pathogen lurking within your body. If you’re struggling with a low-grade something, it might be mold, which, I’ve been told, is hard to diagnose by conventional means, but muscle tests can tell you immediately if you are being affected by that pathogen.

Blessings, Carolyn

Symptoms of mold infestation:

Fatigue ♦Weakness ♦Aches ♦Muscle Cramps ♦Unusual Pain ♦Ice Pick Pain ♦Headache ♦Light Sensitivity ♦Red Eyes ♦Blurred Vision ♦Tearing ♦Sinus Problems ♦Cough ♦Shortness of Breath ♦Abdominal Pain ♦Diarrhea ♦Joint Pain ♦Morning Stiffness ♦Memory Issues ♦Focus/Concentration Issues ♦Word Recollection Issues ♦Decreased Learning of New Knowledge ♦Confusion ♦Disorientation ♦Skin Sensitivity ♦Mood Swings ♦Appetite Swings ♦Sweats (especially night sweats) ♦Temperature Regulation or Dysregulation Problems ♦Excessive Thirst ♦Increased Urination ♦Static Shocks ♦Numbness ♦Tingling ♦Vertigo ♦Metallic Taste ♦Tremors


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