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my new book for homeschool and Christian schools

Dear Everyone, 
One advantage of staying home for four months is I finished a new book. 
This book began as a combination of two courses on biblical and historical script writing that I wrote for my classes at a Christian school.
The first section focuses on what I call “reversal scripts,” where the people involved make different choices from what we know they did in reality. Your students get to contemplate and then explore the answer to this question, “But what if?” But what if Saul chose to go fight Goliath instead of sending David, a teenager, to do what he had no courage to do himself? How would their lives have been different?

The second part is on writing biblical monologues, which offers opportunities to investigate the internal workings of the beliefs and reasonings that led to the character’s actions. Lot’s wife is an example. Why did she look back?

I want to equip you to guide your students in ways that help them gain insight, not only into the lives of the people whose actions were reported in biblical and historical accounts, but also into their own in the twenty-first century.

Whether you are using these exercises as a course for writing or using the ideas for discussions, devotions, or impromptu skits, I hope you find excitement as you delight in teaching the children these things, for there is no greater privilege than to reveal the Truth of God to them in ways which He, Himself, will open to you as you seek to make Him better known. 

You can order my book on Amazon.


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