Carolyn Wing Greenlee

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

It’s finally here! Yay! Listen to “Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled”   I wanted it to be inviting, accessible, with every song easy to sing and catchy enough to remember. I wanted my bacground vocals to be sung by young people, but not like a choir. What if they didn’t

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Update on fire

We made the national news. Top story complete with bright orange fire mercilessly devouring drought-dry trees. Took up the entire screen. The Rocky Fire had been growing for days, shocking even seasoned firefighters with the speed of the spread. Across the lake, I could see an orange glow in the

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Papercuts from “Speaking for Fire”

Changing Direction

It’s Spring. In Lake County, spring is always kind of schizophrenic. It can be very cold, then pretty hot. We had some furious rains with winds to match, but today is absolutely gorgeous. And Then there were those hot days that felt like the middle of summer. I told Dan

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