Carolyn Wing Greenlee

On Joy and Hope

I admit it. I was burned out. Even though I loved what I was doing, I had been hitting it hard, striving for certification in The Emotion Code in the six months allotted to meet the requirements. First I powered through the coursework, feeling like a steeplechaser jumping hurdles as

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A Christmas memory medley

In 1964 I was a freshman at Occidental College. I had never been away from home or experienced anything beyond my parents’ taste in art, music, places, and food. It was not a narrow scope because they were adventuresome. Even as Second Generation Chinese Americans, they had discovered musical theater,

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Craving Sweets? Could be from mold!

Dear Ones, I just found out I have a mold infestation, probably resulting from having lived seven months in a very mold-infected room at my parents’ house in 1993. I stayed in that room whenever I took care of them, which went on until my dad’s death in 2010. I

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