on Jan 5th, 2011Welcome

photo of Carolyn Wing Greenlee

I picture this site as an electronic version of my filing system, which is piles. There are lots of things I’ve been wanting to share—handy hints for blind people, nutrition and exercises to help strengthen eyes, stories of puppy raisers and guide dog handlers, observations from my life, and stories that will eventually go in books that I have on schedule to write, but are still several years from being published. I want to share my favorite photos, interviews, videos, resources, and songs. I want it to be informative, educational, fun, encouraging, helpful, and maybe even inspirational. It’s not meant to be the last word on anything, the source of the cutting edge latest and greatest, scholarly, meticulously researched, or definitive in any way. There are lots of sites that do that beautifully. I’m not the scholarly type. I’m more a living room kind of gal. If we were sitting in my living room (or yours), I would be telling you these types of things. Please know that everything I post on this site is intended to make your life better in some way. Thank you for visiting.


on Mar 14th, 2015Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

It has always impressed me that, on the night before His crucifixion, Jesus was more concerned about His disciples than Himself. He told them, “Let not your hearts be troubled.” If I knew I would be suffering horrible torture in a few hours, I think I would not be doing my best to comfort other people, no matter how much I cared for them.

Two other Scriptures besides John 14:1 are in this song. There’s Matthew 11:28, where He says, “Come unto Me all who are weary and heavy-laden and I will give you rest;” and 1 Peter 5:7, “Cast your cares upon Him for He cares for you.” In the Greek, the verb’s tense means continuing action — for He keeps on caring for you.

The rest of the song came in a rush — not direct Scripture, but the sense of His heart.

We rarely know when we start working on a song what the final arrangement will be. We just know it has to fit the message. I love the feel of tenderness and quiet in this song. When you’re overwhelmed by swirling thoughts and uncertainties, with many dangers, toils, and snares, it helps to hear His quiet voice speaking through the chaos: Let not your heart be troubled. Trust Me. I AM the One who holds your hand.


on Feb 19th, 2015Update: Chinese New Year – February 19, 2015

Every year I have three chances to get serious about my new year’s resolutions: January 1, my birthday, and Chinese New Year. In the past four months, so much has been changing that I haven’t had time to think of resolutions, except I resolved to write an update.

Since December, I’ve been volunteering at the local women’s shelter doing trauma release and healing once a week. The women are bright, responsive, and so thankful that they have not been forgotten. It’s an honor and a privilege to work with them. They are very special indeed.

Also in December, Dan and I developed an organic spice tea designed to help with type 2 diabetes and support blood vessel and heart health. Our goal is to create a line of convenient teas and spice blends, each combination using spices which support the body for optimum wellness. We call them Healing Life Foods.

Healing Life Foods - cacao spice tea label

The book “Waking the Tiger,” by Dr. Peter Levine, is responsible for changing the way I handle trauma release. It now includes resolution and redemption of traumas, and the whole process is facilitated with the addition of essential oils. My husband Dennis used essential oils in his practice, but I never understood how they worked, or used them effectively in my own life. To find out for myself if there was a measurable improvement in meridian energy, I charted all subsequent clients, applied the oil their body chose through muscle testing, and recharted without having used microcurrent on them. In every case, readings went from being in the sixty percent range of body energy to the eighties. Very impressive.

For the third time, I changed the name of my album, and I finally feel it’s the right one. To reinforce that belief, a design for the cover came quickly to mind. Here it is.

album cover for Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled by Carolyn Wing Greenlee

We are working on final tracks now. In December, the Lord told me 2015 would be the year of fruition. Things which had been seeded a long time would suddenly come to completion, and it’s happening in all of the above areas of my life, especially the album of Scripture songs. It is definitely their time to be released to uplift and encourage those who hear them.

On Valentine’s Day, Hedy turned eight. She doesn’t look or act a day over five, and I suspect she will have her Lab puppy-brain well into old age. Both of us have a little white in our black hair. Well, I have more than she does, but, in dog years, she’s only fifty-six, whereas I am all of sixty-eight and proud of it.

I like my life. I have meaningful work. I love watching people get free of traumas they thought would haunt them all their days. I love discovering the healing properties in plants and seeds with their anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory phyto-chemicals and abilities to cleanse cells and even repair DNA. There is so much pain and suffering, insecurity, loss, anxiety and fear these days, and I love being one of those who gets to help with tools that continue to astound me.

May your new year be blessed with wholeness and peace of mind and heart as you walk into wise and surprising plans that God has for you, to give you a future and a hope (Jeremiah 29:11).


on Sep 16th, 2014Morning routine with Hedy

This is what I do almost every morning with Hedy. Contrary to popular opinion, guide dogs are not just naturally submissive and well-behaved. Yes, they are superbly trained from puppyhood to graduation, but the handler has to keep up on that training every day after that. It’s easy for a $65,000 guide dog to deteriorate into a $65,000 pet just by letting them do whatever they want. Then, when you need them to guide you, they won’t. If you don’t do the maintenance on your Ferrari, you can’t expect it to perform up to its capability.

Multitudes of people invested their lives and love and finances in my little Hedy Girl, and I feel responsible to them to keep her fulfilling the job for which she was bread and born. Our morning routine provides structure and sets the tone for our day. Hedy knows I expect her to listen to me, and routine and reward give her security. As you can see, she doesn’t look downtrodden, beaten into submission and cringing obedience. She does what I ask because we have a relationship, one that is mutually beneficial, one that makes us happy.


on Sep 16th, 2014Sunrise

Sunrise from the Deck

Sunrise from the Deck
photo by Carolyn Wing Greenlee



on Sep 13th, 2014September Update

It’s been a wild summer.

1. Hedy suddenly stopped working

I called Guide Dogs for the Blind (GDB) and talked with Marc Gillard, who is one of my favorite instructors there. He gave me a number of suggestions, including that Hedy’s enjoyment of movement needed to be associated with her harness. Older dogs have more limited energy and we have to use it wisely.

I don’t think of Hedy as an older dog. At seven, she still has quite the puppy brain. Still, there is that white under her chin, and she does like to sleep every chance she gets. Marc told me they breed their dogs to be able to switch off like that. He said that’s the sign of a successfully bred guide dog.

After several months of working with Hedy, paying more attention to her behaviors, I was able to have consistently good work from her, and called to give Marc the report. We are back in business. She will not have to retire and be left home while I go out with another dog (I think that would kill her!). And all is well.

2. I finished access technology training

I am not an expert by any means, but what Jacques from the Earle Baum Center of the Blind taught me will become my new way of writing from now on. VoiceOver (on the Mac) reads everything including punctuation because I can’t see what I wrote, and punctuation is crucial for clear communications, but it makes the hearing of “Playback” cumbersome. Still, I’m happy to be writing again.

3. New projects

Because of my friendship with Maria (Zornes) and Hal Baker, my life has taken a sudden swerve into a fascinating new project. Actually, there are two… or three. The long-term new project is a documentary on Betty Davenport Ford, a 90-year old artist best known for her elegant animal ceramic sculptures. Maria grew up in the same neighborhood as the Fords, an unusual grouping of extraordinary artists living in Padua Hills near Claremont, California. I grew up seeing the beautiful animals in public places and now, because the Bakers introduced me to the Fords, I have made three trips to Southern California in the past six weeks, interviewing and filming at museums, and getting to know the delightful creator of those distinctive sculptures, and her warm, engaging family.

We’re also working on a book of the animal sculptures of Betty Davenport Ford. It will be a small, hand-bound book, a perfect presentation of those distinctive works.

Here are a couple of photos. Better than words.

ceramic sculpture of a snow leopard by Betty Davenport Ford

Snow Leopard by Betty Davenport Ford
photo by Gene Sasse

ceramic sculpture of a raccoon family by Betty Davenport Ford

Raccoon Family by Betty Davenport Ford
photo by Carolyn Wing Greenlee


4. Treating with microcurrent and energy stress release

The other major activity in my life now is another surprise. Over the years, I have been treating friends and family with microcurrent and energy stress release techniques. Now it has become a weekly thing of seeing clients, most with fairly impossible conditions. And, surprisingly, I’m seeing some remarkable improvements. I suppose it helps that I grew up hearing from my TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) father that there are no incurable diseases in acupuncture. There are only imbalances that need to be corrected. I go on that principle, and it works.


I hope you enjoy the photograph I took of the sky over the lake, the view from my deck. We are now going to share a variety of photographs on this website. I’m so grateful I can still see well enough to enjoy the stunning beauty around me and even manage to capture it so you can see it too.

pine tree dark against a sunset sky

Pine against Sunset Sky
photo by Carolyn Wing Greenlee