on Jan 5th, 2011Welcome

photo of Carolyn Wing Greenlee

I picture this site as an electronic version of my filing system, which is piles. There are lots of things I’ve been wanting to share—handy hints for blind people, nutrition and exercises to help strengthen eyes, stories of puppy raisers and guide dog handlers, observations from my life, and stories that will eventually go in books that I have on schedule to write, but are still several years from being published. I want to share my favorite photos, interviews, videos, resources, and songs. I want it to be informative, educational, fun, encouraging, helpful, and maybe even inspirational. It’s not meant to be the last word on anything, the source of the cutting edge latest and greatest, scholarly, meticulously researched, or definitive in any way. There are lots of sites that do that beautifully. I’m not the scholarly type. I’m more a living room kind of gal. If we were sitting in my living room (or yours), I would be telling you these types of things. Please know that everything I post on this site is intended to make your life better in some way. Thank you for visiting.


on Feb 14th, 2014Celebrating My Special Valentine

Who is this adorable baby black Lab? Why, it’s Hedy!

Puppy raiser, Heather Findley, and her patient, loving family, took in this sweet, little puppy nearly seven years ago, carefully socializing her to have good house manners and to be unafraid and ready for training to be a guide dog for a blind person.

This Valentine’s Day, 2014, Hedy is seven years old. We have been a team for four years, and she has become my partner in ways I didn’t know were possible.

To celebrate, I’m sharing these early Findley photos of Hedy.

Findleys picking Hedy up from the puppy truck

Hedy the party puppy

And here she is all grown up.

Hedy all grown up

PS: Thanks to the Findleys, and all puppy raisers who make it possible for us to have these wonderful partner dogs in our lives.


on Jan 31st, 2014The Meaning of Happiness


on Jan 27th, 2014Birthday Song

Having spent the first thirty years of my life striving to meet the demands of Confucian dictates where absolute, unquestioning, immediate obedience was the only acceptable way to relate to authority (especially male authority), it was hard for me to understand how to communicate with Father God. And with thirty years of Taoism, where there is no deity, only the impersonal Tao, it was even harder for me to to comprehend Jesus.

Then, in the summer of 1982, I met Dale Enstrom, a young singer/songwriter whose songs to the Lord were blatant love songs. He had a joy I didn’t know. He was intimate with God. How did he get there? His songs had “incited me to envy,” as the Bible says. I wanted what he had.

“We’re called the Bride of Christ,” he explained. “In Bible days, being betrothed was almost the same as being married. So think of the privileges you have after you marry a man. You take on his name, you share his checkbook, you have a closeness that is personal and intimate and appropriate to your relationship.”

I began spending time with Jesus every morning, talking to Him as I imagined a bride would talk to her beloved. It was difficult to think of Jesus that way. But then, on January 27, 1983, on the morning of my birthday, I jumped up from my prayer time and wrote this birthday song. “Bride’s Song” was written not long after, and I connected them because they seemed to need to be together.

I sing these songs to the Lord every birthday. This year, I’m pleased to be able to share them with you. May they incite you to envy, for this is what the Lord longs to have with you too!


on Jan 21st, 2014Milford Zornes: Book of Trees

At the early turn of this century (doesn’t that sound like ancient history?), I was interviewing Master Painter Milford Zornes, N.A., for a book we were working on. Suddenly, I noticed my recording equipment wasn’t working. In this new video, I tell about the surprise that came out of that apparent disaster. It’s one of my favorite stories.


on Dec 24th, 2013Mary’s Song of Obedience

Sometimes God asks us to do something difficult, but we can trust Him to take us through it all.

“Mary’s Song of Obedience”

In the dark, in the rain,
In the sorrow and the pain,
You are here. You are here.
Through my doubts, though I cry,
You are always by my side
Even though I don’t always know.

When it comes to choices,
When it comes to fears,
I don’t trust the voices calling in my ears.

When it’s hard to obey,
You will always show the way.
In the dark, You will be my light.

Nothing’s clear. Things have changed.
Nothing will ever be the same.
Be the star that will guide my night.
You’re my God. I can rest tonight.

Why I wrote “Mary’s Song of Obedience”