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Darda Farewell

Dear Ones, In my last web post, I announced a new book, Miracles in the Making, which I helped my friend, Darda Burkhart, write. It has stories of God’s direct and astonishing interventions in dire and difficult circumstances.  The last chapter was the hardest for Darda to write because it was her

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Miracles In The Making

Dear Ones, After a full year of hard labor, my friend Darda Burkhart has completed a new book, and I got to help.  You may remember her from my book, MIGHTY: vision for the supernatural normal Christian life. It was her life experiences that led me to the understanding that

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Why We Needed Rain

Dear Ones, I’ve received caring and concerned emails from a number of you, worried for my safety in the onslaught of mighty storms. I so appreciate your loving care, checking up on me. I want to let you know that many of us here are grateful for the deluge, and

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Songs for the Soldier

Dear Ones, Since this event happened on Easter Sunday more than forty years ago, I thought it fitting to share with you the life-changing miracle that came about as a result of my encounter with a wonderful elderly woman I never expected to meet. I had just finished doing special

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