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Announcing a new book: “Z9 City: Champion of Daoqin”

Dan and I are excited to let you know that our sci-fi action-adventure novel for all ages (12 and up) is now available on Amazon in paperback and kindle.

Z9 City: Book 1 – Champion of Daoqin (DAW-o-chin)

We especially encourage you to share this book with young people. It was written to give them hope, courage and resolve for when they’re in difficult situations and facing adversity. And it can help adults, too. In Z9, the characters have to choose how they will navigate turbulent times and deal with the consequences. There is violence and death and some very disturbing situations, but hope and help are there wrapped in the powerful bonds of love and relationships that refuse to give up.

The following description was written by Linda Marie, a friend who proofread the book for us:

Futures change when a young boy meets a mysterious woman in a space station far from Earth. 

Strap in and travel to a colony of space stations inhabited by refugees from the war-ravaged blue planet — people who chose to leave everything familiar for a chance of peace and harmony. In the Zenith Colony, people are treated with kindness and respect. Become totally involved with the intriguing Mei, the brilliant Dr. Gransom, and two unlikely adopted brothers, Trig and Bobby, as they attempt to overcome their pasts and forge their futures.

This adventure will please readers of all ages with plenty of nail-biting action, realistic heroes (spiderwebs, capes, etc, not needed), romance, sorrow, suspense, and heartwarming coming-of-age struggles.

Will this colony last, or will greed and the craving for power once again ruin another world?

“Z9 City” is written with such creativity, clarity, and depth of characters it will carry you swiftly along, and leave you begging for more.


Please note: This is NOT the sequel. It’s a substantial revision of the book we wrote several years ago. All the major characters have been developed and deepened, and you get to find out Mei’s startling backstory. So even if you read the first draft, I heartily recommend that you read this one, especially since Book 2 will connect strongly with the journey you’ll be taking in Book 1, Champion of Daoqin.

We release this book under our pseudonym, D.C. Hightower, which stands for Dan, Carolyn, Jesus.


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