Carolyn Wing Greenlee

Miracles In The Making

Dear Ones,

After a full year of hard labor, my friend Darda Burkhart has completed a new book, and I got to help.  You may remember her from my book, MIGHTY: vision for the supernatural normal Christian life. It was her life experiences that led me to the understanding that God’s presence in supernatural ways are the way life lived in communion with Him is supposed to be.  

Miracles in the Making is stories from Darda’s life. In 92 years, she’s seen a bunch of them—some on the order of George Muller’s orphanages in the 1800s, some more like Jesus  on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.

 It’s one thing to read about people long ago  who found God faithful in dire circumstances, and another to hear from a living person  seeing Him work in front of her face. 

It was exciting to work with Darda as she wrote this  spectrum of supernatural interventions by Almighty God. It helped me  realize He hasn’t changed. He’s still loving, caring, helping, providing—for her, for me, for anyone who chooses to live aligned with the Creator of the Universe.


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