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They Lived Large

Ingenuity, Innovation, and No Dead Ends: Microcurrent, UHF, Radio Paging, and the Pomona Drags the inventions and discoveries of Dr. Thomas W. Wing The book my dad wanted me to write is now in print, available even before his birthday, July 22. It was my heart’s desire to have it

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The Grand Canyon

“Half log. Step down. Full log. Step over. Something on your right. Stay to your left. “ Dan’s voice was steady, almost rhythmic. “Full log.” I stepped carefully over the log, my foot finding a flat place on the trail. I stole a quick glance to my right. The pale

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Seeing Stars

It’s fall. At least it feels that way. All of a sudden, the bright, dry blaze of summer collapsed into crisp mornings and cool evenings. Is there such a thing as Fall Cleaning? For the first time in my twenty-five years of living here, I have been in a re-organizational

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