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Changing Direction

It’s Spring. In Lake County, spring is always kind of schizophrenic. It can be very cold, then pretty hot. We had some furious rains with winds to match, but today is absolutely gorgeous. And Then there were those hot days that felt like the middle of summer.

I told Dan I was going to make it rain. We haven’t had enough to end the drought, so I took definite action. Sure enough, a few days later, we had two days of very nice rain. What is my method? I changed my wardrobe from turtlenecks to tees. Works every time. The only thing more effective is changing out my wardrobe and washing my car, but, of course, with he water shortage, I couldn’t do the latter, so we got only two days, but it is still better than nothing.

I’m not sure what is happening in my direction at this time, I just know it’s changing. God told me my time at the women’s shelter would be over at the end of April. When I started to wonder why, He said, “Don’t guess.” I was sad to be leaving after five months of Tuesdays, for it was an experience that enriched my life in surprising ways, and I have those wonderful women in my heart, along with all the things I learned in helping them with the release of trauma, self-sabotage, and potential for a better life.

My health, including eyes, are improving. My current diet is working for me. I’m also taking supplements that have essential oils in them to help carry the nutrients into the body efficiently. Absorption of nutrients is a problem with Scleroderma. My energy is better. Also, I’m using essential oils on my eye lids and around my eyes and I have been seeing colors I haven’t seen in years. I can now tell the difference between purple and brown! I love being able to see purple again. I really wasn’t thrilled about my world going brown. It’s wonderful to see improvement when my doctors have been telling me my realistic future is loss and more loss. I use Young Living products because of their care in processing and certified purity and quality. But mostly, it’s because I stopped losing weight and hair, and I also stopped getting cavities (another problem brought about by my autoimmune disease), and I also appreciate that It’s not more expensive than what I was spending before.

I’m back working on the documentary of sculpture Betty Davenport Ford. When I saw her a couple of weeks ago, she spoke to me at length about how she repairs broken ceramic sculptures. I had no idea you could do such a thing. She said she had to invent techniques, but inventing new ways to solve problems seems to be one of her gifts, and she enjoys doing things that seem impossible to others.

The latest thing is treating dogs with essential oils. When I was on the last trip to Claremont, Hedy developed a bladder infection. mixed Sacred Frankincense with coconut oil and rubbed it on her belly. She loved it, and promptly licked all the residue off my hand. The next day, she had no more symptoms. Frankincense has powerful anti-microbial properties, and Hedy smelled really good too!

I just learned that essential oils have very high frequencies. While humans generally run from 62 to 68 MHz, oils can go as high as 320 MHz. Lavender is 118 MH. Recently, my neighbor, Cathy, took her dog to the vet to have a tumor removed. It took him 10 hours to come out of the anesthesia. A few days later, he ripped out a couple of staples and had to go back for a repair. More anesthesia. Cathy and I have been experimenting with the oils. She put three drops of Lavender oil on Spot’s pillow, so he was breathing in a 118 MHz frequency oil with its wonderful capability of oxygenating his blood. He woke up in just two hours and was peppy enough to go for a walk later that day.

In celebration of this beautiful time of year, here is a shot I took a few days ago from my deck. It’s God’s modern art. He has such a nice touch!

Happy Spring!

Photo by Carolyn Wing Greenlee

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  1. Kristen

    October 20, 2015 - 5:03 PM

    Beautiful! What area is this scenery located? That sunset is so heartening. Thank you for sharing!

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