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Hedy and Me on TV

For 60 years I knew nothing about guide dogs. I’d never even seen one, though, if I had, most likely I would have wanted to pet it and ask the blind person a million questions.

After I got my guide dog, I encountered a public that was, for the most part, just as ignorant as I had been—which is why I wrote two books about blindness and guide dogs. I find people curious, with multiple misconceptions. Saddest of all, those who need help, don’t often know what it takes to get it, and many who would benefit greatly from having a service dog simply go without.

For those wishing for a very quick introduction to the guide dog lifestyle, I have provided the video below. Being on TV is pretty nerve-wracking for me because there’s so much I want to share and so little time, but Melissa Crowley and Jodie Moreno, who hosted this segment on Sacramento & Company – NEWS 10 (ABC),  packed a lot of information into five minutes. They  moved the conversation smoothly  from one major point to another while making me feel as comfortable as if I were sitting in their living room. I actually enjoyed it. And Hedy, who has been known to get into mischief as soon as the cameras are rolling, was a perfect example of a well-mannered professional guide dog.

If you have trouble playing the video on this page, here is a direct link: Hedy and me on TV.


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