Carolyn Wing Greenlee

What Can Wreck Your Kids and What To Do About It

Dear Ones,

As you know, the world today is seductive and destructive, especially to our young people. It breaks my heart that so many of them find Christianity boring and weak. So I set out to write a book that would provide parents, pastors, teachers, grandparents, and friends with truth that I’ve collected in my 44 years of following Jesus—including things they probably couldn’t know, such as what it’s like to grow up Taoist/Confucian.

What Can Wreck Your Kids and What To Do About It: A Christian’s guide to protect your family from the most destructive factors against faith today is now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle eBook. The paperback is also available from Earthen Vessel Productions.

I want you to know solid truths that support your faith, ground you in verifiable security, and increase your view of God’s Love, wisdom, power and goodness—solid truths that will help you guide, prepare, and protect your children. It’s a conversational book, as if we’re sitting around my kitchen table talking about parenting and doubts about the Bible, faith, creation, suffering, and bewildering circumstances. I’m telling you what I’ve discovered, things I’ve learned from other people, and things God has told me as I’ve wrestled my way through the years.

Even though the title specifies it’s to help you with your kids, it’s not just for them. It’s for all of us because we have opportunities now that no one has ever had in previous times, for we were born for such a time as this.

Here are some of the things I cover inside its 248 pages:

  • Proof the Bible is the true Word of God
  • Archaeological evidence for the historicity of the Bible
  • Decoding the prevailing worldview
  • Ways to develop biblical discernment and critical thinking skills in your kids
  • Fame, fortune, validation, winning, and success—the world’s way vs. God’s way
  • An inside view of Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, and Hinduism from one who has been there
  • What life looks like in real people who choose to follow the will of God
  • Navigating the chaos of traumatic times God’s way
I pray this book is a blessing to you and your family,

Book cover for What Can Wreck Your Kids by Carolyn Wing Greenlee


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