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A Christmas memory medley

In 1964 I was a freshman at Occidental College. I had never been away from home or experienced anything beyond my parents’ taste in art, music, places, and food. It was not a narrow scope because they were adventuresome. Even as Second Generation Chinese Americans, they had discovered musical theater,

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Craving Sweets? Could be from mold!

Dear Ones, I just found out I have a mold infestation, probably resulting from having lived seven months in a very mold-infected room at my parents’ house in 1993. I stayed in that room whenever I took care of them, which went on until my dad’s death in 2010. I

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Farewell, Sonny

Dear Friends of Dan and Sonny, Today, Sonny slipped peacefully into sleep in the arms of his loving owner, Dan Worley. His favorite auntie, our neighbor Cathy Silva, was there, and so was I. He was almost 11, pretty old for an ex-racer, and he had been experiencing increasing discomfort,

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Valley Fire and Dogs

Dear dog-lovers, Hedy and I are okay, though we’ve been on Advisory Evacuation since Sunday morning at 6:30. There was a special teaching session for graduates on emergency preparedness from Guide Dogs for the Blind several years ago, and I took measures back then to makes sure I could take

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