Carolyn Wing Greenlee

Supper with Him

Hi, everyone. I tried this months ago after watching a movie called “A Perfect Stranger” from a book, “Dinner with a Perfect Stranger.” Imagine having dinner with Jesus! So I imagined Him sitting at my table when I was having breakfast. Actually, I was serving my food and asked if He’d like some oatmeal. He said, “No thanks. I’m going to have some fish and bread.” Later, on my deck, I commented as the sun rose how warm it got. “It’s amazing how You figured out the physics for the sun and the earth and gravity and things like that.” I was floundering a bit. What do you talk to the Lord of the Universe about? He replied, “Physics isn’t hard for me. I invented it.”

After reading Darda’s shared email, I think I’ll try it some more. Even though I was pretending, it actually opened a place in my spirit where He spoke to me. Maybe it was from giving Him that attention and time. Anyway, it was fun.

Even repentance is kind of fun these days because it’s not a spanking, but more like a course-correction.
“That way is a dead end, or it’s full of land mines that will blow you up. Come this way. Take My hand. You will be safe and it will be extraordinary because you’re with Me.”

Today we had notice that an escaped felon was being pursued by police and dogs in my neighborhood. Turned out to be two miles away, but it was still something unexpected. And then my friend Debbie in Riverside emailed that her complex had had two bombs explode in it. The place was full of police and robots. She said it was scary.

The only safe place these days is in the Secret Place of the Most High, under the shadow of His wings. What does that mean? How do you find the Secret Place? It’s where we fellowship with Him. I think dinner with jesus is a great place to start.


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